Thursday, April 13, 2017

Poem for her 128

Dear Readers,

Flat bread, wafer thin.

You'd just call them crackers
But they could be, or might not be
They are wafer thins in one district
And flat bread in another
Or Crackers in yet another
But we try a lot of them
With lots of things on them
In fairly honest measures
We try a lot of them daily
Picnics literally have been all about them
But them so have other meals too
Sitting on the park bench
Looking at photos of them in a pile
Ones we had tried and ones we hadn't
Never easy to try them all
Never going to run out of the choices
I like some we have made
While others bought seem good too
I had eaten them before I met Her
But it has turned to a whole new event
To watch Her face light up
When a new box is opened
And flavors start flowing
Soon we might actually run out of them
In another 200 years

Happy Birthday Babe,



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