Thursday, August 03, 2017

Poem for her 254

Dear Readers,


She sits there at the kitchen table
Phone in hand and smiles to me
Her laugh is filled with meaning
Her thoughts she says are many
Words not being able to catch the depth
Of what she is thinking
Her face is in her hands
And glee is on her lips
She is my babe, my muse, my soul
Her face is full of laughter
Her voice on the phone sure
Talking to someone there and
Me sitting here writing about it all
She is sitting there at the kitchen table
The birds outside know her too
She feeds them in the morning dew
She feeds me with her smile and self
Aware that food is near but for me
I have only to look at her and be fed
Her laughter as we sit is dear
Her ankles in my hands
As I make her feet comfortable
For the next long walk
Her smile is all I need
Her smile is all I need

Happy Birthday Babe,



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