Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Poem for her 252

Dear Readers,

Looking at Architecture

As I am fond of doing so is she
We like to look at neat looking houses
Or gardens that have the paths
Places that draw in an eye and say
Come visit me, walk my halls
See the view from my window ledge
Cookie cutter houses all over but the ones
That the Architect took time on
Those are where we tend to walk
House tours of the old places and the new
Sunday and Saturday sometimes only one
Days that might be off the round
Styles might be different some just a look
Others that are favorites photos in scrapbook
We liked to do this since we were kids
Now as a pair we do it often and more
When we are in town that is
When off in the wilds we see other things
Like rock formations and moss gardens
Drawing the plants to the task of wonder
She is smiling as she sits there reading
The guide of a walking tour
Wonder what she will see the next time we go
Knock on the next door to get a look see
At plans of the floors compared to outside curve

Happy Birthday Babe,



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