Sunday, July 30, 2017

Poem for her 250

Dear Readers,

Bacon on the Plate

She said Oh my did I get that kind.
I just nodded and made it anyway
Bacon is bacon unless it is BACON
Her bacon is crisp and crunches
My bacon might be that way
But often is not
But bacon is edible in all its ways
In the baked bacon on bacon rolls
In the Shrimp wrapped in bacon
At the beach the bacon tastes
Just like the bacon in the cabin
Bacon and Lettuce and Tomato
Being the sandwich of choice
For both of us
I Like Her We like bacon
In a recent video we have
It shows my plate which still has
Most of my breakfast on it still
As I describe it the Last words are
Two slices of bacon
But why leave that food there on the plate
Because She feeds me more than just food
Sitting there talking to her, though I had food
She being there, looking at me
Talking to me
Feeds me more fulfilling than anything
Food often takes a second seat even Bacon
She is my fulfillment and my need

Happy Birthday Babe,



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