Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Poem for her 245

Dear Readers,

The time in the bottle bttle dude

Yes the line is miss slpelled
There was that day I had to tell her
Things but my thoughts were confused
Bt I was not ill
I was was just tired
And thin I thought not tirede just dyslexi
She'd start to worry but shouldn't
This is not about the dyslexia
Nor is it about the above miss typoes
Or the non spelled correctly's
But I am supposed to be laying down now
And I will be going back soon
BUt there iwsa a thougth in my head
I was laying there not asleep but not awake
I was wanting her there, but couldn't have
Her tere
or for that matter here
She was there
And I was am here
time in a bottle was on the page there
But had been sung to me
There in hte waking dream
I was on about the poem for her 245
BUt it was a pull down from a future
The poem for her 7,743 post
Then the math 365 into that
But that isn't how my poems work
They are sliced out of a huge
Spirit that gives me things to say
But at times my fingers can not keep up
With the speed at which my brain is
Supposed to fire but doesn't
So here I am streaming the thoughts
In a long poem for her that isn't all the
Same asthe other that I could have been writing
But I digress she is seeing what she knows
You dear readers have either read my blog
Or you have not
She has read it cover to cover in a whort
short time
spanned out
bck then when we first met
BUt has as yet said
oh my god girl you b and I b
and yada yada yada the lines
and the times
Are distant chimes
see first poem in the whole blog
way back in 2006 but it is from
way back when
then there is history for his story
His story
Our story
how obough how old is she?
Well this is the missive lines that you will see
It started as a Happy birthday stream of poems
to frame a section of time
about which her birthday is
buried into
But she is always
Brand Spanking New
every doorway she rolls the dice through
EVery thought she takes breath she exhales
every beat of the beat of the beat of the song
Thunder in the Rain
Kane Brown
Smiles at my babe
Smiles at my babe
Smiles at my babe
The future isonly known in the mind of God
Jesus said, Father you gave them to me before Creation
And some other words
and then there was all teh conversations allt he
days hence
and she is on the front porch right now
phone in hand and people walking by
and then she says to one
blah blah blah and blah
then giggles and
then sighs
and then laughs
and I have to

Happy Birthday Babe



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