Thursday, July 27, 2017

Poem for her 247

Dear Readers,

Navy today

Blue the hue the dew soaked feet
Stepped close to me and I touched
Her navy shirt and the belt loops
I pulled at and drew her in a dance
The day was fresh it is just past dawn
Her face is smiling a giggle there
Her face is almost always happy
When we are together
And if not I desire to pull it
Back into the happy thoughts
Calm and at peace and soft
Navy hue of things unsaid
Then the shopping later for things
Seeds for plantings,
Soils from the garden places
Sheets of paper for art work
Clothe strips for things
Worn out jeans for patch work
Then the thrift store for
Things for the dress up day
The making of our own stage play
A musical with our songs and
Our thoughts and our fun
Forever and Always

Happy Birthday Babe,



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