Saturday, July 29, 2017

Poem for her 249

Dear Readers,

Mei Fun and Her,

The morning was bright the shades drawn
The Night before dances in the dark
The Day before the evening meal
Was on a trip to a friend's house
We stopped to get some Mei Fun
The night was long lots of chatting
The friend had already eaten
So we only ate a few bites
As we bought a bunch more than just for us
So the leftovers were in the fridge
The smiles of things oft done
The toast was just now popping up
The butter in her hand and on it went
The eggs go crack crack and the thought slow
The Girl in Glean Glasses smiles and giggles too
The Boy in blue glasses is not as fast
As he once was, this is though a long practice
The fire of the stove even and olive oil hot
Mei Fun stirred and on the toast going
The Girl smiles as she reads these lines
She has seen them oft time too and hugs my shoulder
The smells are many and the kitchen warm
The eggs in the skillet go and the thoughts soft
As they cook she kisses me and the time stops
The eggs cook on and the kiss goes and goes
And then the hands move and the eggs are done
Laid easy on top of the Mei Fun on Toast, Buttered
The fork is just one and the film of camera clicks
And the fork moves and heard there is
The sounds of love between the two as they
Feed each other and take the pictures of
Just the 700th breakfast together meal shared
From time long ago in that far away place
Where the Boy was heard to say

Happy Birthday Babe,



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