Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Poem for her 246

Dear Readers,

Long Nights Deep Sighs

The night was long the sighs deep
The pain in my legs was tingles of pressure
The Phone call made all the batteries
Fully charged
I was awake again and the idea of sleep
Far from me
Then came the text
There were a lot and it lasted and then some
The idea of sleep was far away
The conversation via text lasted a while
Long time almost 30 mins beyond the call
I was happy and sad and happy and it was night
The time I am normally awake more than not
But I had to sleep or rather lay down
Had to tire out again mentally too
Watched Political videos sure to do the trick
Finally the drifting off to the dozing
Up lights off things put away
Off to bed then to hope I can sleep
But no not that easy, am a wakeful person
I sleep rare hours, I do sleep but I am a lot awake too
Especially because I am not wary often
I can go and go and go and go but then I have to stop
To be in the Long night and just stop
I do get tired and I sleep, but she is like a
Big surge of hungry power just filling me with
The Deep Sighs of energy that at Times is like
Food, water and all the best things possible in one voice
In one push to be awake
But without her there I am slowly wearing down
And go to sleep, Need her voice to charge me up
Her hands on mine merge and the full depth of hands
Merge into one hand as I can feel hers feel mine
Telepathy is not fully aware but with our hands
And skin and there are days that Tuned in
We think the same thoughts while unable to see
The other's face depths so deep that we don't know
Where they really go, Layers of unfolding to
Vanish into the fine lines of the poems verses
She is A W E S O M E
And I would write more but it is an on going thing
You will see it on and on till always and forever

Happy Birthday Babe,



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