Friday, July 28, 2017

Poem for her 248

Dear Readers,

Feels like Rain

The drip of the drop of Honey
To the tip of the dropper
The fall was slow and fast
As I made it slide off the dropper tip
As its own single drop no string
It hit the skin of her belly
Slowly sinking into the valley
Of her belly button

Then we took several pictures of it there
We wanted different angles of it
We wanted it in several light intensities
We wanted to see them later and
Do art drawing and other things with
The image of it there in the valley
But we also wanted to have fun

There is this yearning for time
That feels like rain on the skin
Feels the tiny moisture on the hairs
The impression is that you are getting wet
It is raining on the skin tiny bitty drops
This need to experience the days long
Into the night the life is full and fuller
Still filled and as we grow older
Never a dull thought of nothing

Everything fresh as the Brand Spanking New day
That Honey drop as it slowly dries in the
Camera lights will find it's way
To Her tongue, via a long kiss
After I lick it off her belly Button
Not the thing a day would be limited too
We could have just washed it off with water
Or that spring rain dance outside
But I wanted to Lick her one more time
The taste of Honey golden on her skin
The feel of the valley and the feel
Of fresh art work handy for the next hours

When off to the thrift store we are going
Hunting for a thing we don't know what it is
As I type this line but we both know
That when we see it we will know
It is this thing that just so
Is the partner of the one we have
On the Green covered table in the Cabin
And then the next few days
Joy of more art work in the day
That feels like Rain

Happy Birthday Babe,



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