Saturday, July 22, 2017

Poem for her 242

Dear Readers,

Just so you know

Nothing you say will be a worry
Everything you say will be a joy
So wish you could see the feelings
But know that I do as the words used
And the words not used that you thought
Are embedded in the thoughts you thought
Nothing you think is hidden in a way
As the Hand of Jesus holds that thought
For you and for me so that it can be
The thought of a dream seen later
The thought of a cotton wood seed
The thought of a scene seen while asking
Asking God what the words looked at
Seen and read and pondered on
Unpacked in that gift package of bright sunshine
The Red stripped Shirt covered in a Cloak
The sound of voices in the hallways
The writings in the Scrapbook Blue
The memories of you and flew too wings
Just so you know that thoughts are
Full of you and me and things and all
The ideas we want to say but bubble
Up from the wordless places and then
Attached to skin shapes of words
And sent to thought patterns called
Voice, text, mail, napkin and then just
Looked at with the eye as the face's
Emotions tumble out in a sigh
A giggle and a Laugh and then sleep
Sleep of calm and peace and rest

Happy Birthday Babe,



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