Saturday, July 22, 2017

Poem for her 243

Dear Readers,

Sanity checks and Aloha

Video was a long ago invention
That saved me just now from a fit
Of a sanity check
I was missing her being here
She is off with some duties this weekend
The cabin is a bit stark without her laugh
The house in the city is hot and no dew
The birds look about and tell me she is fine
But they miss her too
But tea time and sneezes and the
Red shirt and the yarn crosses
And the mental notes
And the dust motes singing
Somethings and Nothings kissing each other
As they pass in the hallways
The byways the places they slide
Flashing forward to and fro
That sing the verses of private song
The front porch call
The mall not known being there out front
The hey hello and the going back to
Chat with me in voice not spied
The video and the aloha she said
Which is not just one but both
Hi there and also Bye bye there
A Sorta Kinda
Waving to and fro
So I say it again with meaning

Happy Birthday Babe,



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