Thursday, April 06, 2017

Poem for her 119

Dear Readers,

Holding Her Hand

As we walk down the lane of a path
As we stop to look at the moss on a tree limb
As we start back up the walk but stop
As we dance a bit in the path
Her singing a tune about something
We'd both thought about just then

As we walk in the store looking for fruit
Never far from each other
One hand in one hand close by
Just there in the store not far away
Only need 3 items today
Why wander far away from the other

Riding the elevator up to our floor
Sliding close to each other
Hand there in her hand wanting
Wanting to Kiss her
Even though we aren't alone

Doing a lot of things
Holding her hand

Dancing the night away
Holding her hand

Sleeping the afternoon
Holding her hand

Always thinking of something to do
Holding her hand

Happy Birthday Babe,



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