Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"Si am I am Pi"

Dear readers,

Christ is risen , he is risen indeed, and the deed is for the whole multi-transdimensionally sourced faster than light wavers universes and then the other things, we haven't even thought of King of all things seen and unseen, thought of of by men and their minds and dreamed of in their hearts and seen in the futures they write about and the thoughts that they think about. While you may or may not think about any of this, then well I care not as much about what you have doubts on, but I will say this. Doubting is natural, Pain is natural and so is nature a natural condition of what happened in the beginning of the second full story line in the bible. The first whole story line but not the total of all was things being prefect for a bit of sliced Pi. Pi the slice of the Pie wedge that can be sourced but only to a point a fine no repeat floating point continue continue on and on, so big that they just make the computers big enough to make the last one not the best, sooner or later they might run out of space on the pin head they are looking at.

Ai Am ,, Siam is the area on a risk board that if you can hold it, you can tie up the risk game.

Ip ma I ma Is..... is the reversal of the backward's read line as I have to source that's meaning as well, being whom I am the news of something and the thoughts of something else, do not always seem to line up with each other. I can be very one/billionth's of an arc second off and then spin on a dime and sketck to the hailing halt the cops don't like me much training kids to drive I can tell you that much. But as Cloe Scott has always told me I love you much Charles, I love you much. Being that Cloe is ummm ummm over 89 under 100.. lol, I'd have to ask her if I had the time to call her back before the time I have to post this post by.

Oh okay I missed the deadline, so I went for a spin on the turnpike to never never land.


Christ is Risen and my His peace be yours.


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