Monday, March 30, 2015

Reality sits in a Share.

Dear Readers,

This is a story you might never have heard of before, but think about it the thin man was a story you never had heard before it was written, produced, scripted, flimed, posted, on the liner notes of the youtube video's show notes about the littel lit, eng lit tel congress that I got the till thou the gurlz got to have their feed, so you for pizza go and give me the froom froom froom not the broom that goes to her mind is not in hogwarts but razoir backs and thin meat fat bacon on the back end of the Lardo ( see wiki articles on that ) , then the boy scout say hog noises better than the yello van driver could oink oink squeals.

The mother is a new lady to class she has those days that most mother's have had all through out time from eve down the liner of the head liner of the spacing guild high liners the Spice the spice Dune,,, Dune .. go see that some other time all the notes on those might be found else which where.

I am a navigator, I can if I know the streets, get anywhere from there to here, I ran once long ago as the only othe guy in the 3 crew of back up drivers in the Sunbelt couriers aka Corporate Express local at the old Central High school grounds, over there, train tracks, had to give the liner out, no go zone, only fly over. Even with my skill level of driver ing, I had a ton and then a tune up every 3,000 miles I drove, every 3,000 miles I drove my car was oil and all the system checked out in the shop usually over night. I disliked giving my take home car to 1456 the number was I had the most back up keys that anyone ever saw, or never saw, GIve me a few weeks to hunt down some I could show you, I have some still I am Positive of it.

Are you sure there is 100 smackers in this bottle? His mind never thought of coins being 1$ in value, not old enough to know the coins that cost a buck, at 8 going on 9 he is not versed a bit more in the 100 susan B anthony 1979 silverish coins he has..... laughs,, the scouts are the master race of horta, but the host of heaven is bigger biggist biggest number you ever did thinka bout and can't tell how many,, I gave Mic Chow my hyper textual factual fractal code key to never ending fractal geo-des ic domes.

The long and the short of it is if you 8^n1234Pi ,,,, where the null space is known to also be an X or the more computer times told typed * then you have a number greater than forever times 1 times 2 times 3 times 4 times Pi so 3.14 times biggest ever pie sliced you can make of it, which of course ties into my own sourced to 2010 BioWebScape thoughts and others in my head for longer than time was, I am telling you Before creation there was this dude they call him the way the king of kings at the ............... heheheheheh okay some guy int he back round coughed and I had to go help him,, seems popcorn at a movie night at church almost killed him. good thing I know nothing about medicine....

Love you all

Love all of you there might be out there, if I meet you and I don't love you, tell those folks up at church on park hill, the trinity bunch, Charles is a bit lost, and needs to go lay down in wet sand on a vacation...


The Risen Ruler of the Universe, Christ our king and the peace of the Lord to you all.


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