Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"The 3 blind mice, a pool table, a pub, and a fireangel"

Dear Readers,

Hello there folks haven't seen many of you in what has it been like forever! Man the world spins and the wheels fall off the trucks of your train car, and then you wake up and shiver and reality hits you square in the face. They haven't gotten that movie out to my venues yet, they have been running late on their deadlines for what has been weeks. First they said the lead actor died while doing a stunt, Okay I can live with that, I did not like who they picked anyway, I wrote the book I have rights to things, but I told them get this guy and they couldn't so I said um.

Pick a few good ones and let me see the list. Well they did not even like my second choice much, and we did try to get him, but his contract did not run out on the other employer. So I had to pick their guy which was their first choice all along. So his death while tragic for his family really means nothing to me.

I have a book to make into a movie and the epic tale is not going to be coming to your viewing pleasure anytime soon. I even tried to get that other guy I know with a nice new only 6 months old DexHex machine and he looked at me Like I was crazy.

"Sir, I can't do that. You know the rules! No fictional character can intermix with reality or all hell could break loose."

You are an idiot I told him, standing there in his corner, smoking a Marlboro light and a Kool 100 Blue. Why does he always smoke two cigarettes at once I will never explain to you. But he does and that is the way I pictured him the other day when I had to kill him off, growl,, okay I didn't he is sitting in the wings, waiting for a day and time and post or page to appear, ( not counting this small segment of his life, albeit shorter than it should have been, why did they make these rules up anyway, fiction and fact should be able to play baseball games and football games and all that at the same time. Okay they do sort of, but this is different, this is fictional future not fiction now if only.

I had to figure out who I would pick if I had to pick another person as ,,, hold it I can get the contracts rechecked. Off to the phones.............


You see the above puts a big light on the facts of my world. If only. If only the ideas I have had in the last 24 hours were all printed up in long form, I could get to work on the 245,094 I have forgotten since the last 24 hours started.

I have forgotten more good lines and more good blog posts and poems and faces and names and hydrogen atoms in the last 24 hours than I did in the 24 hours before that, or at least a best guest as to a close number, ( I know what you are thinking, those atoms of hydrogen are way, way to high for me to have counted them. And you are right I am only guessing that there were 15,743 that I forgot).

Sighs, I told a nice sweet pair of eyes today,, um yesterday, that I could type 120 words per minute if I got in my grove, the zone, that tight little place right between the eye blinks and the not seeing anything at all. But I might have misstated those facts, I think I have had days of hitting more. I Knew a girl in 2006/2007 that could type 130 to 160 words a minute as she was always being amazed that she had passed those tests and actually gotten the best job of her life because of those skills. That and being able to correct spelling as she read or heard the tapes of people talking or off the pages of things she typed up from.

This relates to the timeline story I have been trying to shear out of the dustbin of my fast brain cell scram jet past. I was there at the age of 2 and 3, but only 1 to more people were there as well and being older they would have seen a lot more of me than I can remember, but darn it, what about all those times they were not there and I was the only one there, what are those stories like?

I was a climber from early on, I see a wall and building and I tell you as you stand there listening to me. My way of climbing it and what I would do and how I would do it if I could lift all my own body weight with one finger. Or not lift it but hold onto it. No falling, can't fall or slip, you climb without ropes, and you climb without a safety system and you can not call for help if you fall. But you can always pray real fast, and look for a miracle.

Miracles have been happening all over the world in this last World Second. You jest they say, and I look at them and ask them, when this flash goes off, Blink Flash, What did you think right before the flash hit your eyes, but right after the sound of the blink hit your ears. the time distance was just 1/2 of a second. What was your half of a second of thought?

Many people can not tell you what I just said in this blog, even if they had just read it, Not counting all the people that have never ever heard nor will never ever hear of this blog post.

All umm,,, How many readers do I have, I will say this the blog tracker has hit an all time high, I am at an apex, a peak and I am mentally focused on the next 60 hours of nothing much and trying to think and type as fast as my fingers can fly. ( hey angel eyes, you got on this blog today, but at the biowebscape entry, I hope you see this before I see you again, but if not I will see you and tell you myself to read this. Waves Thanks for the sweet smile and the greetings and the confidence in myself you gave me Saturday night when I asked you that question and you said, I will never throw you out , or words to that intensity)

So all you online friends, Sorry some of you are still waiting for me to finish the "Safe Safe story and yet again I have to say maybe next time.

Hugs, and tips, and advice, and It's your shot at the pool table in the skies.
May the Peace that passes all understanding be yours from the Lord Jesus Christ.


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