Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thoughts on a hot august day, a poem

Skyscrapers half built ruins
Trash floating on the updrafts
Friends talking and laughing in the heat waves
Pool playing as if practiced all the time
Window shopping the office buildings
While hair flies in the wind over bridge railings
Where does the day go when you are having fun
How slow does it travel when you are alone
Chatting up friends then getting smokes
First drag of the day head rushes
Waking early wishing for time to fly
Waking late wondering where time went
Boys always trying to date single girls
Old lovers walking hand in hand
While no one looks they privately smile at each other
Bright sunshiny newly built buildings
Seeming to grow as you blink the day awake
Seeing someone only to miss another friend gone away
Wishing to stand time still and live in the glories
Holding onto the simple times and letting worries go
Two old friends embrace as one cries
Gentle times and special people sitting in a park
Road weary shoe shopping finding the first pair prefect
Wakeful day dreamer telling his line online
Posting the options telling the tale

Thoughts from a hot August day, 26 August 2008
Charles E. Owens Jr.


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