Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Glory of God in everyday life

The day to day life that we know is filled with the Glories of God. We can see them in a small child's eyes all the way up to the miracles that happen everyday that we might or might not know about. This week I have seen things that just can not be passed off as anything but God Working in people's lives for a positive outcome to the troubles that they face.

"I was hungry and He fed me"

Twice this week I was hungry and I just stepped outside and food was there. The first time happened Saturday when I was at Gusano's. I was waiting on a friend to show up to play pool, all I had on me was pool money and nothing else. I was just going outside to look at the sudden down pour when I noticed cigarette smoke and asked to borrow one from the guy holding his under the awning. He said "Borrow, I'll never see you again, I won't get it back." I replied that I was a regular and sure he would. He then told me they were from out of town one of the Carolina's. I asked for one, and he gave it to me. I lit it and started smoking it like I normally do in a method called "Hot Boxing" where you smoke it fast. It was a menthol and I was breathing in with my mouth and exhaling with my nose and the head rush was fast and very loud bang, which totally surprised me and shocked them. All the while his friend is complaining about the Pizza they had gotten, and I am surprised because the pizza has never been bad tasting for me. The guy with the pizza asks me if I want a pizza. I can't believe they are going to give me what is in the box but say yes. It turns out to be 6 slices of a Pepperoni pizza. They run off into the rain never to be heard from again I am sure. I was without money for food and my friends that were going to show up were penniless. God knew I was hungry and food showed up for me.

The next time was Monday. I walked outside leaving Gusano's and saw a friend, I was just going over to chat with him when I noticed he was carrying a bag, I figured it was left over pizza as he is the chef at a local Pizza shop in the River Market food court. I asked if I might have a slice and he gave me my choice I took the first one on top not wanting to dig in the pile, It was a very good Pepperoni, about 1/6th of a 18 inch pizza. Lewis makes them starting about 10 am and when he leaves at somewhere around 3 pm he takes what is left home with him.

Now you might think that these are just happenstance chance encounters but I see them from the stand point of me having a need and God answering my need when I would have been willing to have gone hungry till I got home later from these visits to Gusano's. But I know that God is working for the good of those who love Him and I see the first one as a clear Miracle and the second as a clear gift.

Then of course there is Monday and the pool ball that moved between tables without anyone touching it. I was playing on the back table at Gusano's and we had sank every ball out of the 15. Then someone asks to play pool with us and I set up the front table only to find the 6 ball from the back table inside among the balls released. I just can't wrap my head around how the ball moved between the tables. And ever since Sunday when I went somewhere while playing on the front table the cue ball has gone missing, but either the table ate the ball which is possible, it has done that in the past, or the kids that finished my game and started using my short front half of my cue stick as a "Bapper" for shuffleboard took the cue ball and hid it somewhere. The kids were under 6 years old so there is no telling what happened to it really.

All in all I have been finding some pretty strange things happening to me these last few days, some have been prefect timing when needing to talk to friends and there they just show up, to getting fed when I was hungry and having thought about food but not expected it to show up right there in front of me.

On a side note soon I will be sampling some Handmade Chocolate from Cocoa Belle a small Chocolate candy store which is new in the River Market food court. The lady that is the owner and chef is nice and friendly, she is working on her website and was happy when I mentioned I was going to buy some and do a review of the product as soon as I get spending cash. I'll add the link when her site is up and running, but do the review the day after tasting the candy.

Your brother is Christ,


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