Monday, August 25, 2008

Tea Coffee and Sundays

I go play Pool about as many times a week as I can swing the cash. I mostly practice by myself but I do on occasion get to play with other people who are more skilled than I am or less skilled, either way it is practice with or without partners. As my circle of friends grows so does those days when I am just shooting pool with them rather than being by myself.

I set the table and play the difficult shots, or play 15 ball, starting either at 1 or 15 and working my way up or down the scale. I try for shots that I know I don't think I can make, or bumper shots, or combos anything to increase the knowledge of where and when I can make a shot, building my confidence and skill level bit by bit.

So far this week I have played Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and will be there again in the early afternoon on Monday. This will be my longest stretch ever playing pool at Gusano's. Where I now get introduced to other people as the Local pool shark, even though I never play for money, at least not yet anyways.

I told a friend of mine in the River Market that I'd mention her and her store again so here goes. Andina Cafe, Nita is the owner and works most everyday of the week at least for a little while. If you need to know what is going on in the area hit her up for knowledge, people of all makes and models come though and pass off the latest information and facts and who's who in the area. Even though she'd tell you I am wrong in this, that she just does not know all that much, but I know different. If you want to know about coffee anything about it, she is the source you should seek, she has her own roastery, roasting her own lines of coffee beans. Her shop is located at the west end of the River Market building and Like I said open 7 days a week just like Gusano's.

One Last thought and "This Should Have Been Sooner" But here goes now better late than never. Tom Fm Magic 106.7 The greatest station in central Arkansas if not the world. A full blown mixture of music from all over the genres all over the ages and piled up into almost 45 to 50 minutes per hour of music. Call the station and leave a voice mail and they put it on the air if it meets FCC standards, ( sell a cat, hunt for a cat, a car and other things seem to be going on too ). I have called in 3 times, and heard myself once, and a friend heard me once, so I know they play the voicemails they get. Call 433-1067 and get your voice heard. I have added a Link over on the right side links section, Enjoy!

Happy shopping and God bless you all,


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