Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Poem for her 240

Dear Readers,

Girl I Got Two

To tell you two hands are as one
But then you and me both know that
These could be song Lyrics but they are
Nothings and Somethings and Home

To tell you the day never ends
Sent you a thought was we the dream
Unending spending money filled Penny
This could be a nurse re timer

Are those bird calls still heard
Or did they not replace the battery
You finally stepped in and took
Was it the hugs or the cuddles we did

Girl I got a thought or two
Give me your hand let us dance in tune
Till midnight afternoon and go
See a picture show on the boat at sea

Girl I got two tell you too
To many times the distant chimes of
Misty minds linkage the thoughts
In my sing song head to you

And this mail be pony expression
To you in one line expansions
That send me vast flashes of forever
Always and explosions of dreaming
Saying to you That Daze Night vibrations

Happy Birthday Babe,



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