Monday, June 19, 2017

Poem for her 207

Dear Readers,

She Giggles

When I say something about the eggs on the plate
When I mention it isn't on camera but video record
She sees me walk around the tree with her in the viewfinder
...she makes to hide her face but giggles too

When I find that one spot on her knee that when
...Licked she will flinch a bit then giggle

When the sunshine hits her face and she sees
...That I have in hand something to give her

When I put the sliced fruit in her mouth and
...juice flows down her chin and the napkin
...tickles her as she chews

When I softly blow her a kiss as she is
...driving down the road and I watch her
...from the passenger seat and snap her picture

When I tell her a funny event like this
...poem about her giggling on camera
...and how I am writing this as she is smiling at me

Happy Birthday Babe,



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