Saturday, June 17, 2017

Poem for her 204

Dear Readers,

Napping the afternoon away

Be it cold and covered in blanket and fire going
Or hot out and the over head fan stirring the air
Her arms around me and mine around hers in sleep
Is something like what we want to have napping

Days like this when we both went to bed late
But got up early and just want to nap the day away
That we have time to think how we would spend it
If the day were not pressed full of things

Slide the food pans off the stove and stop
Get out a book to read and start slow
Cuddle on the couch or pile of pillows
Just the two of us and the afternoon sun falling

Napping the day away just the two of us
Cuddled in snug and talking in soft whispers
Then drifting off to gentle slumber breezes
No thoughts of what has to be done, just sleep

Happy Birthday Babe,



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