Thursday, June 15, 2017

Poem for her 202

Dear Readers,

Summer Car Rides

She was sitting in the passenger seat
Her smile there as her feet on the ground
Tells me she was ready for that walk
I just zoom in close to her and say
Oh Hey I just noticed those
As my hand closes in on her shirt
There are some yarn things there
Right at the front of the shoulder
I see them for the first time
We'd been filming all morning
For the first time that day
There on red and white stripes
There on her shoulder
As If I wasn't close all day
To her face and all
I see for the first time
In a new light
Those little stitches
I zoom in close and
The camera hears me say
Oh wow babe

So later that day we go on a car ride
Summer, it is hot and the air is flowing
And she is singing some tune
I don't hear words
But I know she loves the song
As she has learned the tune
There she is
Grey on
Soft to my touch
I pull at the upper edges of it
Tell her what I think
She smiles
I tell her of things
And she smiles and sings on
The words flowing this time
And the words lost to the
Sound of the road
The Grey on
Fingers slipped inside
To touch skin
Then we both smile

Happy Birthday Babe,



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