Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Poem for her 201

Dear Readers,

The Table Top

She knows that the table top has a Green cover
She knows that it is Round She knows
I told her things about it this afternoon
Though I just had her think about them
The Standing on it by us to dance
Hasn't yet happened
But there we are
Dancing on the top of a table
In the Cabin in the woods
There we are
Kissing on the porch
There we are
Looking at the Table in the conversation
Just over with seconds before I put pen to paper
Just now the notes of other things
She wrote and off to see
About cats to care for
The table top is there
And she is thinking of it
And I am telling her about it
And you all are reading about it
But the Table top is
Just a green cover
Just there
Kissed by the sunbeam
She hears
Me say

Happy Birthday Babe,



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