Sunday, June 18, 2017

Poem for her 206

Dear Readers,


Hugs her from a car door
Hugs her from the edge of time the clock stands still with a kiss

Hugs her now and then some more
...again the next time I come in contact
...with her skin as she walks through
...yonder doorway from forever

Hugs her softly in the moonlight
...from the faded shadows of the
...side yard of the city house
...under the dogwood tree

Hugs her in a poem that she sees
...on the napkin I wrote it's lines bring the wow back to memory
...of the kiss inside her ankle bare

Hugs her in the sunshine in a time
...of snow and clouds and her
...wearing a dark coat warm but
...hands shaking at the thought
...of hands touching for the first
...time and then smiles as they do

Hugs her long into the night bodies drift in and out
...of sleep and whispers of the
...walks we did the day before
...we lay down for a long sleep
...cuddled in each other's arms

Hugs her long into the ages ahead
...always a bit longer than forever
...and a day longer than always

Happy Birthday Babe,



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