Saturday, June 17, 2017

Poem for her 205

Dear Readers,

Her ankles

Swirl as we are talking about something
Get touched as she is resting on the couch
She'd hurt one of them once a while back
So extra care I give them, to make them
...feel good as they relax in my hands
Have fine lines of alabaster and smoothness
I like to rub them long into the afternoon
Keeping them free from soreness
Kiss them softly and even touch them
With my tongue on the inner joint
She says it sends a lightening surge
To her spine, as if I have found the nerves
That need the care to stay safe
Her ankles in the shoes as she is
Coming home from a walk slowly touched
And massaged the dust washed off with
...soft moist clothe and lotion on them
Her ankles cared for the ages to come

Happy Birthday Babe,



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