Saturday, June 10, 2017

Poem for her 197

Dear Readers,

Her Touch

She loved me first
She loved me from so long ago
That the second time we touched
The time before was longer ago
Than we had been alive

She makes my hands melt into hers
My heart is stopped when she is there
In the same vast store with me
If she looks my way the
Feel of electricity is soft but intense
When she says hello I sigh

When she calls my name
Drawing me from the other room
My heart stops and her smile
Starts it up again
Slowly filling with her

Her touch is my slice of Heaven for the minute
My days would be empty without her touch
Filling my belly with the food I crave
The thought of food from a plate gone
I sit there eating in her gaze

Her touch holds me long after
She has left the room
But all I want is it again
As I roll over in my mind
I need her like breath

Happy Birthday Babe,



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