Friday, June 09, 2017

Poem for her 196

Dear Readers,

Morning in a Cabin

Something causes her to stir
Maybe me as I have been awake for a bit
But was as relaxed as possible
The morning breath of long night
Slides the hands over shoulder
Her voice is softly whisper
The sound is of her with a headache
So I suggest a hot tea and
Go and get it

The Tea comes on a tray and
Out comes the stand to sit it on
The tea has beside it an egg
Over easy on an english muffin
Lightly buttered with spoonful of
Homemade jam

There is a smile on her face
Even though the morning headache is
Still there lurking at the edge
The head ache might not go away
But I'll take care to keep her warm
Or cool as the day may be
Massage her neck and shoulders

Light the lamps only when the daylight fades
And keep her resting till the headache drifts
Away to other places that headache go
Waves to Pillow and the Sweet Nothings
Reading this thought
Sings her a soft tune of something
We'd played last night

Slides the movie back in it's case
And puts away the art project
Till a Later day
Video scrapbook and poems by voice
Off to Restful land we go
Cuddle the headache away

Happy Birthday Babe,



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