Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Poem for her 194

Dear Readers,

Cabin fever 101

We might get it,
But it wouldn't be like others
It would be the fever pitch of
Chocolate making
Egg dish perfections
Drawings and talks

If we got it, the internet was down
The storms had come and snowed us in
For so long that the walks were
Not happening and something else dire
The firewood had run out

Cabin Fever 102

The day the tree fell in the woods
It landed on it's side
Then it slowly rotted in place
Then years later we found it
Then we started collecting the moss
And lichens off it

The cabin looks neat and suddenly
The moss is taking over
Then the fever would kick in
And out the side door the samples
Would go and back to neat uncluttered
Cabin walls and floor and other.

Cabin Fever 103

Here is private information
the lines would go on for 20 solid pages and
You all would get tired of just seeing the
three ... dots there, and claim I hadn't anything
there to write about
But she'd smile and say
Oh my golly
and there would be giggling and laughing
Heard in a cabin in the woods.

Happy Birthday Babe,

(no I never did lay down)



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