Monday, June 05, 2017

Poem for her 192

Dear Readers,

Frustrated kissed Summer Pies

She was having one of those days
Frustrations streaming harsh and loud
It was raining after all
But there was other things besides the rain
There was the construction out back
The large difficult puzzles in the game she played
The screaming sounds in her head were
Over topping all her controls
The body was vibration and shaking
The hand soothed her to a stand still
Even though seconds before the future was just
Just going to be filled with things
Things that make the best
Sing in good operas and toast the town
The storm clouds with speedy winds blew
Raging against the sheet music in her hand
Did it have to be this way she asked
It was the small voice of the band leader
The one directing the music
That said softly

Happy Birthday Babe,



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