Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Poem for her 193

Dear Readers,


There I was typing full on with out the ability to see
There I was blind in the night and my eyes dry and crusty
There I was reaching my full capacity and about to
Hit the wall of my full on tired that I could not
Even say goodby and just closed the laptop and left
The people that were there reading my words were a
Few people that liked to listen to what I was saying
But my batteries had run full on out of juice
I was unable to type and just mad key hit nonsense
And ended with the Line: I have hit the wall
I just closed the laptop and got up
Then it happened just like ^ right there WOW!
She called me
I was filled to my capacity of her Spirit
She Filled My Void
I was and am and Always and Forever will be

Soul of Soul

She is my fill up battery charger
I can only tell you other readers what it is like
But my words do not in totality express what
Our HOME is like

Living in the Foyer of Heaven has finally
Gained the fullness of Meaning to her and I.

Happy Birthday Babe,



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