Sunday, June 04, 2017

Poem for her 190

Dear Readers,

Glasses and Glasses and Glasses

The glasses of our picnic set are wrapped up
The glasses that she wears to read by for me too and I think I need them now
The glasses that she cleans might not be the
...above two but a wonky wonky window pane
The glasses that seem to be all around us
...Aren't ours but the eye shop says that they
...could be ours for a small fee, here take
...these glasses to read the fine print
The glasses in the bar we are at are dirty
...and some clean and we are glad that we
...don't have to wash them all because
...we'd both have to get them spotless
...Even getting out our glasses to check again
The Glasses I want right now sit on her face
...They won't for very long as I want to ease them
...Off her face and blink a bit and just
...pull her face to mine and watch her close
...her eyes and see me kiss her with my
...Lips over and over again, the story line
...Goes on for weeks and then the kiss ends
...just as it began years later but here
...and there and everywhere always in a process
...Of glasses and glasses and glasses and
...forever locked to each other's orbit
...kissing as bee to flower

Happy Birthday Babe,



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