Sunday, June 04, 2017

Penny Arrive

Dear Readers,

Story time........


Penny arrive and the office is filled to the brim and the front door streams open and then there is a Yell and then in the center of the office Floor there is a huge black object.

It is not of any general size Just big and tall and moving.

Then it moves a bit less and then the fluttering calms down then the wings appear to stream away and the things you see are black with various shapes and sometimes glowing dots where maybe there is eyes shining maybe you don't want to know what all you are seeing.

Then after a bit the object there moves some more and you see the tall figure lift a cowl of the a cape over the head. His hair is long brown and grey and curly and his eyes are odd. He looks like and then he doesn't seem to have eyes then you realize it is only the glasses that you saw.

Nothing much is heard in the room but for the motions of wings and voices softly saying things you can not understand as words, but if you were there you'd know they were words.

Then the throng of female figures parts and in walks a young man


I will get back to the scene is a while, just thought I'd open a thought up again

Have the Peace of Christ,



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