Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Poem for her 185

Dear Readers,

Her in my sight

Sitting there typing a note to me
I'll get it seconds after she says it
The internet slower than her wink
Pushing the edges of her toes up to table edge
Smiling as I tuck them inside my shirt
Seemingly to hide them from the other diners
The waitress asks if the stack of pancakes is good
The sound of her nodding and chewing and
The pleased look says it all
Fence posts that squeak in the wind
Rails sitting straight and the waitress happy
The tip half our ticket and the smile lasts
All day and till our next visit
To a diner by the fences of a gully
Forged in a wind and stirred by our fires
The days long into our nights
Home at last, Home at last
Till morning calls as we pull out
Together a traveling we go
Train trips and car rides
The boat hears her whispers from long ago
The birds are silent about our day

Happy Birthday 8a8e,



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