Saturday, June 03, 2017

Poem for her 187

Dear Readers,


The series title of the poems I started sending to her at first
The Also Known As in a world of a bunch of friends we know
Where the secret is that we are Billionaires and rule the world
The world so vast and expansive that the universe is only a part
The Real world looks into the Pond and the Cabin and only sees
A Slice of the Heavenly Host of the Nations and Peoples of
Also Known As the best that there ever has been and will ever be
She is the One slice of My Heaven that I can not control
As If I could control My Own personal slice of reality or anything
But if I could have made the prefect person for me
It'd be a pale likeness of the Person she is
It'd have less to see, less to love and less to give me
But God has the plans all finished in Heaven, Literally the End Is Happened.
God is Not like we are, Heaven is not like we think it is
The reality of our day to day is that God is looking at Us Finished.
We are only seeing the here and the this slice of the Heavenly.
We are in partial Light, Like she was when I turned off the Light
And opened the Curtain and Said how bright it was and she was
There in that Shirt and Those things that she knows happened
Those words are on her mind as she reads these lines and other things too
But Babe remember that you are the best that has ever been
I can only get one better than you, And He, That is Christ is always.
The forever that I talk to you about and Always tell you about is
The Slice of HeaVeN that You are and That you Know you are and that
If I could get better, my body would be in the grass and the birds
Pecking at the dust of the flower minerals watering the lawns
And you'd be there with me Walking Hand in Hand with Jesus
There is only one better than you and it is not for me to say when
The Heavenly Kingdom slides into the arena and takes these hands off
The page of my writings But I know that you and I are in the pond
At the cabin in the woods Doing that Beach ball thing of posts ago.
And as you heard my whispers last night, I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love u 8a8e.

Happy Birthday Babe,



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