Friday, June 02, 2017

Poem for her 186

Dear Readers,

When she smiles.

It could be for many reasons
The joke made the lines dance
The thought she had was ......

Shhhhh ishhed by me

Then the lines read this as I said them

The Pond was filled and in it lived...

And then I told her a story that
Perhaps I will share with you all later

But not yet now here on this post

Shished her and then there was a line in
A video I said, Which I just heard and watched
And Thought about and Discovered again

The book was read cover to cover 20 times
And The thoughts in it thought to be known
Then one day On the 21st Reading
Some one saw the same line as before
Only with a new layer of understanding
Than before. The first time she walked into the doorway
Was the last time she walked into the doorway
The only time she walked through the doorway and
The continuing times she walked through the doorway
As she smiles all the time
As she always walks through the doorway
As she is in Brand Spanking new day

She is always smiling when she thinks of me
When those who look at her only see a frown
On the inside she is smiling and thinking of me
Why would I know all this?

I do , Just know dear readers that I do
And Know that She and I, Are always and forever
Brand spanking new every second of the day

And Happy that we are this way
Though at times we'd want something slightly
More and never less, but the slices of Heaven we Live in
Are fun filled with the Pond
And the two fish
And the
Aquamarine glasses

Happy Birthday Babe,



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