Monday, April 17, 2017

Poem for her 135

Dear Readers,

Holding on to it.

There is this puzzle me and her are working on
The pieces are vast and arrayed in a method of
Ones and threes and trees and woods and porches
And cats and rafts of pyre logs that have to be
Lit in a fashion and then there is the unlimited
Things like two thousand seven hundred fifteen
and the other slices of pies and the pizza and
the trip to disney world themes in the Shark week
And the other things that just puzzle the people out
And then there is the US that isn't going this way
Down that back raw row, while I am in the right lane
And looking over at her and smiling a sweet nothing
To her in the left lane and knowing that no one
Knows she is there and I am there too, but if they
See her and she gets into a conversation all is good
as They only see me as a face they do not know
if they will see me at all as I go darkness into the
Sahdes of the typo there that is for the real not a type
Oh My God is that thing really your's the girl said
and the Boy said for sure it is as they took the next bike
Out of the wrappers only to have the book hand the girl the
hand dealing bar and say,, hey there Please to make
This bike yours as I like my old bike that you gave me
Last night in the shark suit and the Jaws thoughts
Sighs there is this thought puzzle that started this poem
And it is thusly explained by holding on to it
You have to hold on to it. but if you hold on
How long will you hold on till someone says let go?
heh, is the answer I would ask. What do you know?
They might give something or other but the point is
They could get it reading my blog
May the Peace of Christ be yours one and all
I hold on to it, that it being Christ's hand
His ever giving hand, it is a hard hing to walk
Alone in the world, waiting for the other hand of
Christ to get held on to, he is there and you know it
But his other hand is and you can see the empty
Hand of Christ there and you know what goes in it
But you have to wait and you do, but the wait can be
Long and it can be easy , but my wait was not easy
And not a short one either, 52 years of waiting
Then one day there is a flash of light and I
Wake up and there is a hand in his, but I can not
See a face on the image, I know it is there
But when I ask him he looks fondly at me and
The peace of his look holds me fast and I walk on
Getting a bit of a bigger stride out of the walking
though I am not growing taller or any other size
I am just getting the point of my walking hand
In hand with Christ, it is not as easy as these
words might imply but you all dear readers have
been sharing my walking for a while now
This is a short story only 11 years long on here
But the shortness of the Forever Slice of time is
So long that no one but no one knows how
Love can give forever and never run out of Love
And no one know that forever is first only
One little word long, only one little word " Hi "
So she is reading this and those out there that
Want to know what she looks like,,Ask God
I have her hand in mine and well there is a lot more
So for now that slices of the now and the
Holding on to it thought thread will be locked into
a half twist and a flip open and over an out
And to say it like I mean it
See you on the flip side

Happy Birthday Babe,



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