Sunday, April 16, 2017

Poem for her 133

Dear Readers,

See Liner Motes At space weather dot com today circa

The note read in the book she opened up.
She had been cashing in these coupons
For decades, sent to her in the places that coupons arrive from
But ever that odd one out of a batch of cookies
Just one missing cup in a set
Things would stir and stir and clank and bird chirp
tick Tock She'd see the typo and want to fix it
But a hand would stay her movement and then be gone
The crowds dis trubed her, they were just too
Out of round, lights flashing to bright things
The mental images of things and then the sounds
Awake again, odd sleep patterns sighs
What was a mother to due, dew , do, ditto, and dashed line
She flowed out of the room when the
Sound was just right of lr Infared cycle 3
See him on the flip side of the single
spinning flipping coin
Prawns they used a lot of Prawns that pair
They would oull the crackers out of the box and
Things would sing and flow and then
Oh yeah that line were where what you see is done then

Happy Birthday Babe


circa 11/89 the art work's birth signage date read

.......................... she whom is the above named knows the liner
notes and is one bill fold and filled with joy box away
from 10 days,, in T minus 700 hours give or take james band bomd banging pots

For Kevin Pride............If that name means something to you, direct him to this post and he will know how to get in touch with me,,,,unless he is offically offline....smiles,, doubt that, but he is just of an age he does not have to much time for the online world...............


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