Sunday, April 16, 2017

Poem for her 134

Dear Readers,

Fan Base.

Fans are things that people have always used,
To breeze the way from Hot to not

Fans are things that people have used,
To let others know that they think,
Highly of them enough to be
Fanning the flames of one set of
Desires for another that still burn hot

Fans are things that put to uses not
and not and not can make knots untie
and united at the same time too

Fans are things that aren't explainable by
the simple terms of this word stream
But can be explained in simple terms
to be the best that has ever been
Again and Again

Ditto and Dot got a game of cards together
One night that lasted for a nightfall
full of flaming fans and fanning flames
That set the landscape on fire so that
In the morning only EDEN was left in the
Chaos that was there before

A slice of Heaven in every breath
We take on the Trip from here to there
So that things unseen can be made known
to the sleepers awaking in the dawn
hand in hand still

Slides of puzzles played and talked about
Sleep she said and I did
In her breath of heaven
Spoken in my ear as she sang to me
Saying I want you to come home soon.

Home is where I am going and staying
for a Ten spot and a brunch of things
That only seem unknown but we have lists
Made up and adding more to the trips

So that things in the dreams slide into
the Fan Base and then the spring of another
year slides into the spring of the waterfall
and the pond and the gentle rise and fall
Of the love between us on the skin tones.

Happy Birthday Babe



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