Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Poem for her 117

Dear Readers,


The world changes as your plans were to be one place
Then you were being carted off to the ER
Suddenly there is a call, not going to be home babe
Took a mild fall, they think it's blood clots
Off to stay where hugs are short and kisses brief
But glad to be home again too
She was there always singing to me in my ear
Telling me things she did when I wasn't there
Off in the beeping bright light places of hospital stays
Love her day and night as she holds me close
Off to doctor and place of chairs that never fit
Glad to be home near her again
Kisses and Hugs, Hugs and Kisses
Thanks for the singing to make my days whole
Waves to everyone else, Yeah this is me
Off to a cabin in the woods and porch swings.

Happy Birthday Babe



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