Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Poem for her 109

Dear Readers,

Invisible Elephants

Sucking the fabric off the couch as they jump on it.
Throwing it up in the air like confetti,
I look over at them and laugh at them,
No one else can see them, they are after all invisible.
Though She can see them, they mind her better than me.
She gets them to go find her lost pencils,
Or go get the mail, or at times even to wash some windows
But generally speaking they just jump around on the couch
Sucking the fabric off it, in little bits and
Feeding the dust bunnies
Now you all know where all the dust bunnies come from
It is the invisible elephants on my couch that does it
Right after I send them on trips to far away places
Hands her the pen back that the Invisible elephant found.

Happy Birthday Babe

Thanks for the song, melts.



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