Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Poem for her 108

Dear Readers,

108 Ways to kiss Her

There are more than that many ways to kiss her
Am not even going to list the 108 ways today
I will say I kiss her as often as I can
And she kisses me as often as she can
We hardly get anything done some days
Kisses happen when we see each other from across the room
I mentally project my intentions by looking at her
She knows I love to kiss her
I know she loves to kiss me
So much so
That I don't really have to list ways to kiss her
There are so many places to add kissing
Like shopping
Odd row numbers get 2 kisses
Even row numbers get 3 kisses
No row numbers and we may never leave due to kissing so long
So today is all about kissing
But so will tomorrow be about kissing
Kissing Her is a Slice of heaven

Happy Birthday Babe,



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