Saturday, April 01, 2017

Poem for her 113

Dear Readers,


That day we do things that might not be possible any other.
We do the things we had always done and then some more.
On the calendar the date is one that people tend to joke with.
Neither she nor I like this day's joke filled slights.
But Saturday is always a great day, even when you have to drive.
Plays the car stereo Loud to help stay awake for the long trip.
Stops to rub backs, and shoulders, and legs and kiss.
Get something to keep the belly happy but light so not to nap.
Other Saturdays we'd just stay home and not go driving.
Sliding around puzzle pieces, or playing cards.
Cooking and gardening and singing in the shower.
There is always that other Art project to do.
Scrap book to add too, Song lyrics to work on.
Saturday is the day to do a lot of things.
But for us, we do this all the time as well.
Hugs and kisses all day long to a girl I know driving in a car.

Happy Birthday Babe,



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