Friday, March 31, 2017

Poem for her 112

Dear Readers,


It flows in a faster manner when she and I are together
Though maybe it still flows the same
It is that we are now Together that changes time
Alone time plods on without meaning painful as it moves
And though we might be achy with body aches
While together they are just a hair less
Time slips faster by, when the clock chimes and a hours gone
We marvel at the fact, that it did not seem that long
Togetherness has a whole new meaning
Our conversations travel down winding paths
Starting at one location and ending up
Miles away on a different day
We talk about almost everything
When I get excited about a Topic
She is there to listen, or at times calm me
When something is bugging her I am there to sooth
We Encourage each other in a way that flows
Time seems to just vanish like quicksilver

Happy Birthday Babe



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