Saturday, April 01, 2017

Poem for her 114

Dear Readers,

The Place

Two sheets of paper on a table,
Lots of words on one side of each,
But those sides face
The front side of one has the words,
And the back side of the other has the words,
So When seen as the Pair they look like One,
Top side blank, and bottom side blank,
All their insides Is that Place,
Where they live together
Not seen by most others.
They love each other with a passion
Not seen looking at them as One sheet of paper,
Remember To let it got to voicemail she just said,
Lets it go to voicemail,
That place inside the Sheets is where they
Have the most of themselves hidden, even if
That line is also a pun they both know you
See too,
But it is not all the puns and words that
Make them whom they are,
They are only one sheet of paper

Happy Birthday Babe,



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