Thursday, March 30, 2017

Poem for her 111

Dear Readers,

Food for Thought, or Tongue in Cheek.

The phone call ending at 4:11 pm
She was off to fix supper
I was off to type a poem
We'd meet back soon
Play a round of game, then some food then
Some other things
Kisses and Hugs and cuddles later
Snack time for Tea
Popcorn her favorite
A small Iceberg Salad mine
Tongue in cheek to taste the sweetness
Tongue in cheek the thought paused
Food for thought
Lots of things here in the layers
Seen but unseen, read but not heard
Things you know about me and her
Things we love to talk about
Our food for thought today
Was reading these poems for her
Kissing each other between readings

Happy Birthday Babe,



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