Monday, March 27, 2017

Poem for her 107

Dear Readers,

Knocking on the Door,

Someone knocked on the door,
A package arrived.
In the box was a note
In the box was a small drawing of a Boat,
On the note was a love letter.
To Her.
It said a lot of things,
Some of them made her blush,
Some made her kiss the note.

Someone knocked on the door,
A Letter arrived.
Long long letter with lots of things
Written on several sheets
Each one a different soft color
Each line special.
All of them to Her.

Around a corner I walked
There she stood near those shelves
There she stood
I looked at her far away down the way
I smiled at her
Just smiled at her
She knew what I was thinking
I had just told her minutes before
What this line would be about

She unfolded the Napkin
On it in my hand
Was a Love note to her
She was not with me
But I had managed to send
Her more notes from afar

Just like these ones you folks get to read too
Those ones she gets
Deeper and just as detailed
Sweet Nothings flying about her head
Wherever she goes
I love You
Over and Over

There was a Call she had to take
So I came and wrote
What you are reading now
Hugs to you babe
All the thoughts of the day
Plus some more
Yet to be said

Happy Birthday Babe,



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