Sunday, March 29, 2015

"spotable dyson spheres" Go bang.

Dear readers, and gentle beings and bugs of all strips colors genomes and linages, and you too two the three to one odds sort of bugs and bug hunters.

Dear Janitor,

I have the note from the future sent to me in the mail bax bag on the pogo stick chicken courier, her wings were a bit singgging of burns and the beak was a bit bent out of round but her clucks and luck stars were living just fine.

The Horta baby basker-catcher was fine as well thanks for the gift of the zombie borg hexogonically doctor approved fleng flacesers,, they will come in handy this zargon and the festives well, you how know they are zillegers... but I digrees.


I have the order ready sending you spot on the telescope array and the pixel format you need to arrange the thing with, your contact on earth prime will need to contractally contact Ashtir from here though, sorry her code is locked in the Prime.. but she has nodes all over the other alternates. Yay me, I love talking to her again, thanks.

Sinercly, scurdes the toad sligs slugger,


fire angel 6

There is the madness to bewon but there is one to always count on in the thin aand the thick of things,

Christ is Risen in all the universe.



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