Friday, August 01, 2014

Ten Thousand Million Billion Trillion Ionillions in Hell with Christ, as the Day's Only Love.

Dear Readers, And those folks that know me in the days future past.

The Tilted title is a bit oddly off the side wall of the shower stall, it hit the walls running for all his faced, tears the tears of his finger nails, Skin For Skin status Satan had said to God the Father, There was that verse in Chapter 2 of Job. But today his job was to be Hell's private citizen rarified air of the Heavenly Places, The Boy Wonder, Jesus whom they were to say later, but much much later, that he spent a hugely long time in hell. For their Sins, For all their sins, all is a lot when you have to not realize you have the lux of knowing where and when the end of time would have been. But his screams of ......

It is Finished... and then the.............

The screamer so forth frothed that his father really just up and left the room, as he could not handle it any more...

The Boy, ney the man his hair curly and longish, only now shoulder length it was summer and the fuzz of summer humidity would turn his locks to curly cursed locks, daily brushing, even if wahed daily, still he'd not washed his hair in soap and water for about ummmm it was like 4 years he thought to himself.

He saw his mom, whom had been with him while his dad had been away at that war, when he was only 3 going on 4, then 4th birthday hit and then feb here it rolled and his dad was there off the plane and that was family history.

The Man tore at his flesh, his fingers, screaming about the same as his voice, but his finger were not going to stop, he screamed bloody well better stop them satan intoned, or you're going to rip all your skin off little boy Jesus...... Ha ha ha ha ah,,, oh darn he did it, as the little boy looked at the Devils glaring face in the mirror mind image.

The boy says that his times in hell were fewer and fewer and further between the sad days and the off the ill-fed-dead-days when his body was out working his fingers off to feed the people his willpower said, feed my sheep. But that is almost another story all together, but is not the end, far far from the end,, how long was he here he often asks us....

The man stands there and smiles at the men and women there to help him, but then he also goes into the dark places, the fires of hell just seem to wash over the area and the flames burn the city blocks places blacken,, they above the roar say, Gaza war zone, headliners they flash and his face is not seen as his fleash is leeched up out into the flames and his souls soles and the flames I Fire I fire I fire I fire and the souls of the kids, the adults the people drift to him and he holds them dearly closer still, his job is not over the wars of the hell on earth and the peace on earth and flames bust him into crystal and the brighten stars shine as his rays brighten them all the souls held close and he and they travel, but his grasp of them lessens and his flames die back and the soft winter sunliner says, songs are heard.

The snow's those flakes the dust of flamed out concrette and dust and the white fly lands in the garden and the boy looks out and points Oh hi there, dude the boy eases his rest sideways. I thought I knew you were here.

Hi, the over isn't and the odor of burnt flesh is not there really, but the man for the few seconds his mind is off on the white fly traveling out of the scene, he thinks,, that could be an angel, but it's just a white fly got caught on a wind drifting and felt it's wings engage and could drift over the garden.

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But dear reader, you know by now that the signs of the times aren't what they appear, you have seen by my lines of things, that my life is not as it seems on the outside.

My legs have been fired up his summer, mostly due to the extreme nature of the needs I have been given to handle, and the first 3rd x going sick on the march 26th till the final day taking her home to her place, in my Yellow (borrowed from dad work van) GMC Vandura 2500,,, about the size of a van I'd need if I were just a bit over 1/6th a ton of human.. lol) van... the foot was hard to move, I asked her if she could lift her foot, she said, I can't. So I bent down and first the one then the other and the lifting was easy and hard all at the same time. I was worried that this was going to be a hard trip, to get her to the cell phone place, out, and in there and then back in here, even thought I had my mom's wheel chair here with me. So As I got her foot is as best I could and away from the door closed area. I looked up to tell her, and the eyes were far seeing but open, and the face was the one I would see often in the past when she'd drift off in a heart attack, nothing new, just a bit odd and disquieting all at once.

The nurse asked, is she alright, and I said, no she passed out.

Then she rushed off and I just held her hand, it was warm I was not unused to this either, and there was a calm on me and I don't know exactly where it was, I think it was that it was back inside and maybe finally they'd be able get her more help than I could provide, but I was a bit taken aback as a lady rushed to me and said.

Is she still and her sentence didn't much go on than she turned and yelled, call a code blue..

There was rushing about in the springhill baptist front pickup lane where I was parked and then there was people running to and fro inside the doors.. I turned to Barbara and looked at her slack face and wondered why were they taking so long. Then the rush of People and the man asked and then just grabbed her neck and was there. I moved to the door edge, to hold it open so they could work. He kept yelling her name and kept digging his finger's in her fleshy neck.

Her stay had not been good, she had gained a lot of water weight, it was that they could not get the right drug to fight the diabetic open wound infection, as she was considered allergic to so many of them that they were telling her, much to her anger than she must be not telling them the truth, that they were going to use one of the ones she was alergic too, and just see if it would work, otherwise they could not let her go. So the body fluid levels made her neck thickly fleshy.

His fingers finally stopped and he said, pulse weak and irregular. They had to get two beefy guys in to try to get her back out of where I had gotten her just minutes before. they had her out but she was not on the cart, I was about to offer help but just stopped they were better at this than me.


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