Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hello Galaxy, welcome Earth to our fold.

Dear Readers, Whoa, long time no write, man it was only yesterday I was telling someone about my billionth novel I wrote in the galaxy I was then living in, and they were totally impressed with me and my collection. Then to slug I was talking to slide off my hand and back onto the fence post and was off on his great slime train to the stars. I haven't died, there were no nukes in my home town, yet, and the song of the south is sung somewhere, but it has been a while. If you google biowebscape you get 1,140 hits, and my face book page, youtube channel, and other places. if you google me, no one seems to have heard of me yet. they changed things since I last showed up to check, the system seems to work now, so this is a short note to go in the list of short notes, ummmmmm sazaang... blat,, oh sorry have yet to get my straw horn fixed for my concert to slug kings and space ships yet, they slime razor edges toooooo much and I think they horned in on my straw spaces and slime is hard to get off. Waves Cheers The Peace of Christ to you one and all. Charles


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