Saturday, July 12, 2014

To Julia, with Love.

Dear readers,,, all nine of you. I don't know how many readers I have honestly. I know I have fans, people that I know that like to read here, even thoughI havenot written in a while, the archives are filled and not an easy slog to get through. Someone I just recently met, as in recently, in the past 5,697 years, or what seems like that many in the last days leading up to the fall I took and the resulting chaos, ofother things, and added to the mix, a huge strong desire to have female companionship again. My 2rd x wife, died on the 9th of april, and seeing that I was doing what I could to get married to her again even if secretly, I know that the hole I'd get from my need to have someone Love me back. She had for long days known she'd made the mistake and our marriage broke up,,, but it wasn't her fault I got jealous, thought I'd lost her, and gave up so fast, way way back then after we had been married a few weeks, and her old boyfriend, had just gotten out of jail, showed back up. There is a city here abouts that if you kite a check,(court costs to pay back check, and big fines, kiting checks, also include overdrafting your bank accounts in this small city, the fines are heavy) or if you can't pay a traffic ticket, they jail you, if can't pay them back, If you work, you spend the weekends in jail, if you don't work its 7 days a week. he got out she got a call from, or we bumbed into the matchmaker lady of the two of them in the parking lot of the bigger lunch time soup kitchen. Long story shortened, I saw a change in her, and knew she still loved him, and didn't really know me, so I let her be happy.... less happy in that she didn't know how to tell me she wanted to stay with me, but its mote now, she died, in my arms like i woke her in the library 7 years and 7 weeks exactly to the day. She wanted to be married to me again, but we couldn't yet, but I kept her as fed ans housed as I could. Till death do you part. Well I am not one to be lonely long, I have hungers, cavier, perrier, some coffee, mushrooms in eggs and had a reader I didn't know about. facebook was where some of my energies have gone, but Runescape too,and other things, my coin collecting and design projects are many and filled. Off I went one day and she thought she'd lost her chance, to say hi.. then I post in a return set on there, broken wrist, zippy diddy do and slingo slang. User wants to be yourfriend,, check. A million lines of text later, 3 phone calls and plans to meet in the spring of 2015, heh,, hi there Julia, hugs to you dear young lady. She is younger, I get to use my skills at blush makers to style my self awareness, lets hope the editor here keeps these line breaks as they are if not it'll be a run on sentence like drafting surf board ocean floating nap time read. The peace of christ be to you all. Charles ps it is still a run on streamer it seems still going up though


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